Introducing Elo PayPoint

By nick Technology

We are proud to introduce newest addition to our store, Elo PayPoint. This innovative product is a true all in one solution designed to be an out of the box solution for merchants.
PayPoint is a feature-rich solution with integrated MSR, VFD customer display, bar code scanner and cash drawer.

Modus Security Briefing

By nick Technology

Have you noticed a small lock next to our domain or a green https? If you haven't, congratulations, you are not as paranoid about web security as we are. But then again, you probably chose or thinking about choosing us precisely because we put your security at the very top of our list. Over this few weeks, we have implemented several security features that soon will become standard in the cyberspace. So let us explain exactly what we did, and why we did it.

Partnership with HANASiS POS

By nick News

We are proud to announce our partnership with Hanasis America. HANASiS Co., Ltd. (HANAPOS) was established in July 2005 through spinning off from the Printer Division of Samsung Electronics. The most of the management and engineering employees had more than 15 years of professional experience in POS systems. Headquarters are located in South Korea. As of 2013, sales turnover estimated to be US$35 million and they are the largest POS manufacturer in Korea with market share of more than 50%.

Introducing Aures YUNO POS

By nick POS

We are excited to announce the arrival of new Aures Yuno point of sale system.

Yuno is a robust but stylish and compact product, designed by AURES to suit the many applications of the POS vertical sectors.

It is a fan-less, compact, high-performance system, fitted with a Quad-Core Bay Trail platform; it is available in 2 formats (traditional 4:3 15.1’’ screen and Wide 16:9 15.6’’ screen) and equipped with a shock- and scratch-proof, multi-touch, projected, capacitive screen (PCAP technology).

September 10th: Internet Slowdown Day!

By nick Technology

We are joining an Internet wide protest on September 10th against cable companies and ISPs creating a so-called "fast lanes".

Proposal to create "fast lanes" is a blatant violation of net-neutrality. By giving preferential treatment to large companies web traffic, "fast lanes" will slow down the small business websites to crawl.

Help us spread the word. Tell FCC, Congress and White House to preserve Net Neutrality!

Our POS Hardware in Amex Commercial

By nick Video

We are pleased to announce that you can spot our POS systems in Amex latest commercial starring Tina Fey.

Introducing E-Waste Program

By nick News

Sustainability is not just a catchy phrase or an abstract concept. It is a process which consists of small steps toward a greener tomorrow. We believe that it starts with little things like recycling your trash and not wasting energy. Electronic waste or e-waste is a huge contributor to pollution of our environment. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA states that electronic waste contributes nearly seventy percent of the toxins found in our landfills. E-waste has many toxic materials including lead, mercury, cadmium, phosphors and flame-retardants.