Our Story

We know you are busy, so here is a brief intro.
Hi, we are Modus POS. We build business intelligence solutions. In common tongue, we provide you fancy touch-screen computers and support them till zombie apocalypse.

What makes us different

We are a tech company with offices in New York, NY and Jacksonville, FL only a few minutes away from you. While we are deeply rooted in our community, our vision of providing great point of sale products extends to all of the US and Canada. We are really good with computer stuff and we love what we do.

Our team has experience in servicing retail and restaurant businesses for over a decade. Specializing in point of sale programming, networking and merchant services, we have earned trust and respect of our clients across the United States.

Our true passion is providing a real working POS systems to our retail and restaurant clients. We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions, but in "normal person's approach". We treat every single one of our clients as human beings, rather than revenue sources. Basically, we listen, respond and help - a rare combination in POS industry.

If you have a problem with your existing POS system or a question about pcAmerica or Aldelo POS, 99.15% we have dealt with it in the past. Modus POS prides itself on personalized approach to all our customers. We have devised POS products and support packages to satisfy all types of businesses. Together we can build healthy and prosperous business ecosystem.

It is time to throw your outdated cash register and update to a new point of sale system.

Get to know us better, call, email, text, page or send us a raven.