Modus POS Paper Club - Don’t let little things slow down your business.

Stop worrying about running out of paper ever again. Thermal paper delivered right to your door. Three plans to choose from:

3000 transactions or less monthly
3 boxes/150 rolls
$55.00 per box
$165.00 annually
3000 - 5000 transactions monthly
16 boxes/300 rolls
$54.00 per box
$324.00 annually
> 5000 transactions monthly
12 boxes/600 rolls
$53.00 per box
$636.00 annually

Free one time emergency paper delivery and free monthly POS network security scan included

Cheaper than leading retailers

Modus Paper
Price per 50 rolls with delivery
Price per 50 rolls with delivery
Staples® Paper
Price per 50 rolls with delivery

We always have in stock:

All types of POS paper

Ribbons and cartridges for your POS printers

Cables and wires for your point of sale

Plastic cards

and many more

Give us a call for paper, cables and other stuff for your POS System.

Note: We don’t carry pens, biodegradable or otherwise.