A few thoughts on Jon Taffer's 7 Steps To Define Neighborhood Marketing

In her recent article Kristen Santoro lists 7 steps to define neighborhood marketing by Jon Taffer, president of Nightclub & Bar Media Group and Host & Executive Producer of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue”. You can find the full article here. Some of the steps listed there could be accomplished with the help of the properly configured point of sale system. For example, a properly configured POS can help business owners analyze data much faster and more efficient through reporting. Reports like “top sellers” and “zero movement” can help owners easily identify products that sell more or less and tailor their product placement and marketing strategy accordingly. Furthermore, the utilization of such reports in conjunction with digital signage such as LCD customer displays will help push popular and/or more profitable products in front of the customer. In New York City (NYC), business owners often invest substantial amount of capital into point of sale system and digital signage and yet run static promotional messages. This is not only a waste of electricity, but creates a feeling of neglect in customer’s eyes. On the other hand, up to date marketing campaign creates a feeling of relevance and will increase sales.