Mint Retail (RTM)

Retail POS Brooklyn NY

Usually ships in 5-7 business days


We install and configure all hardware, software, peripheral drivers and utilities.

And because you are awesome, your POS software comes with your business logo, receipt logo and a little appreciation gift.
But Shh, don’t tell your neighbor, who got it from some other POS company.

Always wanted a POS system, but was put off by the high cost associated with it. Despair no more.

Mint POS solution will freshen up your business. This robust point of sale system is designed for value oriented small businesses.

Powered by pcAmerica Cash Register express, industry leading POS retail software. This cash register alternative gives you complete control over your business operation.


pcAmerica Cash Register Express (CRE)PRO

POS-X TP5 All-In-One 14" with MSR, Atom 1.86 GHz Quad Core, 2GB, 32Gb SSD, WIN 8.1

M-S Cash Drawer, 16x16, Black Face, Media Slot

Epson T20 II USB Thermal Receipt Printer

TeamSable Customer Pole Display

Honeywell Voyager MS9520 Handheld Scanner with Stand


Used all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, RTM POS Solution is popular among small business owners.

With unbeatable price, our POS found home in busy urban areas like NYC.

We recommend RTM for grocery stores, bakeries and comic book stores.