Manhattan Retail POS

Aures Yuno white pos system retail manhattan

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We install and configure all hardware, software, peripheral drivers and utilities.And because you are awesome, your POS software comes with your business logo, receipt logo and a little appreciation gift.

But Shh, don’t tell your neighbor, who got it from some other POS company.

Brilliance of design, quality and performance. All that comes together in this magnificent retail point of sale system bundle.

Designed specifically for business owners who appreciate quality and style.

Dear Style Connoisseurs,

This is our gift to you:

Powered by Aures Yuno All-In-One White Color POS

Featuring White Aures 3S430 Cash Drawer

Supplemented by Aures White ODP333 Thermal Printer

Enhanced by Alpine White Motorola DS4801 Bar Code Scanner

Aures Yuno is a revolutionary concept – powerful and stylish – all-in-one white point of sale system

Compact and heavy duty white POS terminal

High performance Quad Core, SSD-powered, projective capacitive machine


Aures Yuno White POS 15" Bay Trail J1900 Quad-Core Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, MSR, POSREADY 7

Aures White 3S430 Cash Drawer, 16x16, Media Slot

Aures White ODP333 Thermal Receipt Printer

Aures VFD Integrated Customer Display

Motorola DS4801 Alpine White Bar Code Scanner


This high performance point of sale system has been crafted for business owners who have a knack for style. Often the design of the retail point of sale system is overlooked, and yet it is an integral part of customer and employee experience. Your customers will appreciate the sleek lines of Aures Yuno POS. And your employees will be more efficient working with this powerful POS terminal. Exclusively used by premier retailers world wide from Tokyo fashion districts to Beverly Hills boutiques, this POS System will elevate your store. Premier retail locations in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, California and all over the United States will surely benefit from using Manhattan Retail POS System.