Modus POS System Business Solution for Cafés

Cafes need a robust point of sale system to take their orders fast and efficient. Modus POS has developed an accurate and efficient solution to accommodate any cafes in this fast pace environment. Our point of sale software solutions and hardware bundles help expedite order taking with easy to use interface and customized menu programming. Fast and easy communication between server stations and kitchen makes life easier for both chefs and servers. Employee tracking and in-depth reporting make management easy and allows owners to focus on other important aspects of their business. And with Modus POS extensive technical support business owners can be sure their point of sale system runs smooth and efficient.


Comprehensive user interface allows for fast order taking

Fully customizable menu is easily programmable and easy to use

Order modification and adjustment for takes seconds

Robust payment processing platform that supports all major credit card processors


Granular reporting tools help understand profit margins

Customized reports specific to the business

Employee tracking and payroll capabilities

Remote access for off-site business management