Case Study: Restaurant mPOS for Outdoor Dining (Brooklyn, NY)

By nick Our Clients

Friday, August 21st 2020
New York, NY

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A full service restaurant offering European and Georgian cuisine located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, NY, required a new wireless Point of Sale System for outdoor dining during COVID-19 pandemic.

A customer has chosen Modus POS to help them achieve higher efficiency by utilizing Aldelo for Restaurants, Touch Dynamic Quest mPOS Tablet, Mobile Receipt Printer and PAX S920 Wireless Terminal with Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Strategic Benefits:
Improvements in customer experience by expediting orders
Increased security by offering pay at the table
Efficient and accurate transactions by utilizing mobile printers
Ability to accept Apple Pay and Android Pay
Ensuring safety and health of restaurant customers during COVID-19 pandemic

Operational Results:
Mobile POS allows waiters to take orders and send them to the kitchen right away
PAX S920 limits liability due to encrypted card data that is not stored on the mPOS device
Restaurant staff are ready to accept a payment table side at any time
Customers preferring to pay with Android Pay or Apple Pay can to so at their tables
Mobile terminals are easier to clean than stationary POS, while table-side payment minimizes exposure to the virus.

Why They Chose Modus POS:
Knowledgeable installation and support staff
Cutting-edge restaurant business point of sale solutions
In-depth understanding of customer needs and requirements
Expert technical support that addressed both strategic and technical needs.