Case Study: Supermarket Cloud Reports (Queens, NY)

By nick Our Clients

Friday, September 8th 2017

Due to privacy and security concerns, we will not be publishing names and addresses of the businesses mentioned in our case studies. This information could be furnished by contacting us at [email protected]

A supermarket located in Queens, New York has required an enhanced cloud reporting solution to integrate with their existing pcAmerica CRE POS to manage their day to day store activities. The objective was to be able to view and analyze sales and inventory data remotely and in user-friendly format. The management also required the data to be stored securely and anonymously.

A customer has chosen Modus POS to help them achieve these objectives by utilizing Modus RPT Cloud Reporting Solution

Strategic Benefits:
Ability to view sales data remotely in real time
Enhanced cloud inventory management
Analysis of historic sales data
Improvement of employee controls

Operational Results:
Up to a minute sales summary with payment type breakdowns gift card sales and returns
Granular inventory sales and stock reports
Comprehensive customer reports including returns, balances and discounts
Complete employee reports including sales and time clock data

Why They Chose Modus POS:
Proven track record of point of sale integration
Dedication to innovation and improvement of existing products
In-depth understanding of customer needs and requirements
Commitment to security and privacy of customer data