04/04/2022 | Case Study | Burger Shop | Garment District, Manhattan, NY

By nick Our Clients

Monday, April 4th 2022
New York, NY

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A burger shop and bar restaurant chain located in Garment District, New York, NY, required to upgrade their existing Toast Point of Sale System to Modus POS Solution, support and service for their location to speed up customer processing, order taking, and kitchen management.

A customer has chosen Modus POS to help them achieve higher efficiency by utilizing Aldelo for Restaurants, POSBANK Apexa G Point of Sale hardware and Modus POS solution .

Strategic Benefits:
Extensive reports allow for faster decision making
Menu item tracking allows for greater visibility and faster turnaround times
Synchronization of menu items and inventory
Superior employee maintenance system
Comprehensive delivery tracking system

Operational Results:
Increased speed of order taking by 90% by utilizing touch screen capabilities
Decreased system lags and freezes using Aldelo POS database schema
Improved security through utilization of employee specific access cards
Faster kitchen processing and management

Why They Chose Modus POS:
Knowledgeable installation and support staff
Cutting-edge restaurant business point of sale solutions
In-depth understanding of customer needs and requirements
Expert technical support that addressed both strategic and technical needs.