Case Study: Bakery (Long Island City, Queens NY)

By nick Our Clients

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A bakery located in Long Island City, Queens NY has required an upgrade from their existing iPad based Point of Sale System to a professional IP66 graded All-In-One units. The objective has been to improve performance, minimize POS footprint, provide stylish solution to match store design and enhance business management.

A customer has chosen Modus POS to help them achieve these objectives by utilizing Aldelo POS for Restaurants, Senor iSPOS 10 Series and newest EPSON m30 Receipt Printers.

Strategic Benefits:
Increase of counter space for faster customer processing
Improvement in network speed
Enhancement of overall store appearance
Superior employee maintenance system

Operational Results:
Decreased POS footprint by utilizing 10.4" touchscreens and compact EPSON printers
Improved performance via hard wired network connection vs instability of WiFi based iPads
Enhanced overall store appeal by providing business appropriate IP66 rated POS System
Improved security through utilization of employee specific access cards

Why They Chose Modus POS:
Knowledgeable installation and support staff
Cutting-edge retail business point of sale solutions
In-depth understanding of customer needs and requirements
Expert technical support that addressed both strategic and operational needs.