Aspen White POS

Aspen White Color Point of sale devices line up

Usually ships in 7-10 business days


We install and configure all hardware, software, peripheral drivers and utilities.

And because you are awesome, your POS software comes with your business logo, receipt logo and a little appreciation gift.
But Shh, don’t tell your neighbor, who got it from some other POS company.

Uncompromising style and performance in all white point of sale system.

Make your business stand out with superior quality of European design.

Powered by Aures Sango All-In-One White Color POS

Featuring white APG Vasario Cash Drawer

Supplemented by Aures white ODP333 Thermal Printer

Enhanced by alpine white Motorola DS4801 Bar Code Scanner

Aures SANGO is a completely new concept – original and innovative – of all-in-one white point of sale system.

One of its many unique features is free space under the touch screen.

With no intrusive base, Aures Sango combines white color, minimalist aesthetics and ease-of-use as well as low power consumption.


Aures Sango White POS 15" 1.86Ghz DC Atom D2550 Processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD, MSR, POSREADY 7

APG White Cash Drawer, 16x16, Media Slot

Aures White ODP333 Thermal Receipt Printer

Aures VFD Integrated Pole Display

Motorola DS4801 Alpine White Bar Code Scanner


Enhance and modernize your retail or restaurant business with stylish all white design. This POS effortlessly fits into any contemporary retail or restaurant design. Extensively used by premier restaurants and retail locations in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, California and all over the United States. This POS solution features state of the art all white point of sale architecture for high end restaurant and retail establishments.